Quality Through Relationships

At Greenway Coffee, people come first because quality stems from great relationships. From the farmers and production facilities to the team roasting the coffee, to the customers of our cafes, we've learned that without a foundation of quality relationships, the quality of our company and our product simply cannot exist.

Our Product

We source our coffee from long standing relationships with indigenous coffee operations in four regions of the world. Each region is signified by its bag color and you'll find our ongoing selection of blended roasts in white bags with our signature, multi-color G.

Our Promise

Since its inception in 2009, founders David Buehrer, Ecky Prabanto and Niken Prabanto have set a high standard in quality through relationships. And while the quality and the people are at the forefront of the experience, the environmental benchmark we strive for is at its backbone.

In everything we do, there is conscious thinking and respect for our environment during each stage of development. It's only when we continually question ourselves and make decisions with environmental impact in mind, that we can learn, improve and deliver higher quality products with lower environmental impact during our time together on this planet... and the next.

Energy Efficient

Greenway Coffee has committed to energy efficiency in our roasting operations, roasting on the industry’s most energy efficient coffee roaster, a Loring Kestrel. This uses 80% less gas than a traditional drum roaster and Greenway Coffee produces 100,000 less pounds of CO2 emissions into the air than similarly sized coffee companies.


Greenway Coffee has invested in packaging that is mostly biodegradable in a traditional landfill. Our experiences have taught us that compostable and recyclable products can cause more harm than good when disposed of irresponsibly. In an effort to make the biggest ecological impact, we now use biodegradable bags.

Majority Minority

Greenway Coffee Company is a majority minority owned business with a majority of women owners who immigrated into the United States. We strive to carry this same message throughout our employment and we have fair pay standards. We are constantly questioning the status quo in our coffee and operations.